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Affinity Programme

"Racial literacy cannot be solely achieved through monolithic instruction. It requires meaningful interactions, ideally with peers, to activate and contextualize learning." (Thomas, F. 2007)

We the Future! affinity programme is designed to host and facilitate series of short term and long term partnerships between schools which seek to foster understanding between students. 

We focus on tasks which promote solidarity between students, where there maybe tensions between different ethnic groups. We design a programme to tailor the needs of the students and assign our mentors to lead sessions to tackle prejudice and various forms of discrimination. 










We hope to trial and pilot schools which are matched based on diversity of student bodies. We host sessions with a focus, centralised on conversations which promote and enrich racial literacy. 

We will track and monitor progress  of students and tailor a programme specific to student needs. The sessions can be held over an academic year or in a more compressed time scale.


If you would like further information or would like to register as an affinity school, please submit an enquiry below.  

Join us in our mission to working towards a more equitable society

Image by Sam Balye
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