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The Race Trust mentoring project has been established in Manchester in partnership with Wisdom Against Racism and The Salam Project.  



The mentoring programme is innovative, inspiring, bespoke and specialises in motivating students of colour and filling the void of diverse role models in high schools, particularly for Black students.

Our sessions are led by mentors from all walks of life which includes business owners, professionals, community workers, teachers and entrepreneurs.  We have had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of students and helped secure paid employment, work experience and coaching. Students have stated it has been 'life changing'. 

An audit of mentoring schemes in Britain was commissioned by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) to audit mentoring schemes in Britain. A major aim of this study was to determine whether mentoring could be used as a tool to address racial equality, disadvantage and underachievement among ethnic minorities. The study found that mentoring was one of the most effective means of helping disadvantaged young people. ‘Placing Black males in the classroom as mentors and roles models to Black Boys has resulted in decrease in exclusions’ (Truancy and Exclusions Report 1998). 

We are happy to work with young people individually via parental consent or schools. Please get in touch for further information

We run an ongoing recruitment for mentors, if you would like to help change lives for a better future and generation, please get in touch. 



Before the mentoring I didn’t really know where I was going with my future I had faced things that already had me in the mindset of giving up and changing who I was to get approval of others around me but fortunately before high school ended I got to experience the mentoring making me understand that being different is better than wasting your time to fit into a crowd, it also led me into wanting to help others the same way that they had helped me. The advice that meant the most to me was that my colour doesn’t hold me back it makes me stronger, any barrier that comes my way I will be able to overcome it no matter what anyone says.

Manchester Student

During the sessions, I learnt a lot about how my race can be a result of being discriminated against in the "big world". As someone who has already experienced micro aggression and racism growing up (both in school and out of school), it was very useful and helpful to have someone talk to me about their experiences with racism in their workplaces and to have them give me advice about what to do if I ever find myself in a situation like that - until the mentoring sessions, I've never had someone  to talk to me about those unfortunate but realistic problems that I could face.

I feel very empowered and confident about the future. The mentors have taught us and instilled in us that the world is our oyster and we shouldn't let the colour of our skin stop us from achieving what we want to achieve. My new found confidence had encouraged me to go to Medical School after College to study to become and Obstetrician!

                                   Manchester Student

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