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Racial literacy training is available for teachers teaching in mainstream education in Primary - Secondary and FE. We tailor a programme suited for the needs of your institution and student demographic.  

"Racial literacy is not a destination. It is a way of traveling. We depart from different points, embark upon unique journeys, travel at our own paces, and arrive in different destinations. Just as we cannot expect every student who enters the English classroom to emerge the next Faulkner (or Faulknerian scholar), we cannot assume that one term of a racial literacy curriculum will enable every student to be as engaged with questions of equity and antiracism as we are.

Racial literacy will not, on its own, solve the inequities of our society or its educational institutions. But it may help us, and our students, name them."

Racial literacy training for teachers is a key driver in providing an equitable education, accessible to different races. Trainee teachers report very little training, if none, is provided to equip them to teach children of varying cultural backgrounds.  


Sociologist France Winddance Twine (2004) first employed the term Racial Literacy. Racial literacy is not only about understanding race – it is a multilayered conceptual framework designed to help us do so. We draw on principles of CRCM - Culturally Responsive Classroom Management  (Weinstein, Tomlinson-Clarke and Curran (2004) and a framework tailored to the needs of your school to enable teachers to have the confidence to empower their learners to achieve their potential. 

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