Racial Literacy Roundtables (RLR) seek to foster open dialogue about race, issues pertaining to race, language difference, and sexual orientation, primarily among trainees and teachers across the education sector.


We aim to provide and facilitate safe spaces for staff to discuss issues raised from training sessions or as a stand alone programme for improving understanding the needs of staff and student demographic. 


  Conceptualized as a peer-to-peer forum, RLRs hope to bring together students and faculty across departments to discuss  different topics using stimuli per session. Together through the Racial Literacy Roundtables, we are seeking to find and claim our abilities as anti-racists from a variety of backgrounds and identities.

Racial Literacy Roundtable session is offered complimentary to training. 


We believe there is only one Race, the Human Race.

Social justice is at the heart of our work. We are a non profit organisation aiming to empower young people to understand and overcome the challenges they may face in a society which is still not equitable with regards to their ethnic backgrounds. Our vision is to create and contribute to a racially literate generation as we believe this is key to enabling an equitable education and society.  

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